Seventeenthletterfilms' Motion Graphics Clips

Seventeenthletterfilms of the forums at has also graciously agreed to make his Motion Graphics clips available to you as long as their intended use is for PERSONAL, NONCOMMERCIAL PURPOSES. All other uses or subsequent re-distribution of these clips is prohibited without the prior agreement of "seventeenthletterfilms" as to their intended use. His email address is available through the "Contact" form on his website at

To preview an individual clip before downloading, click on the image below for that clip. This will open a small window that provides a low resolution preview of the clip you selected. To download a clip, click on the clip's name in the table below. In some browsers, this may open the default media player for your system which will then play the clip rather than downloading it. If this happens, right click on the clip's name and then click on "Save Target As ..." (Internet Explorer) or "Save Link As ..." (Firefox) to begin the download process. You can also download a zip file containing all of his clips (153 MB file) via this link.

You can search this page using the "Find" function of your browser.

Blue Vortex
1280x720, 5.8 MB

1280x720, 5.65 MB

Color Collage
1280x720, 5.64 MB

Cool Blue
1280x720, 5.92 MB

1280x720, 5.0 MB

1280x720, 6.36 MB

Fiery Curtain
1280x720, 6.35 MB

Fire Ring
1280x720, 6.09 MB

1280x720, 6.05 MB

Gray Windows
1280x720, 6.03MB

Green Mirrors
1280x720, 5.96 MB

Green Squares
1280x720, 5.86 MB

1280x720, 5.82 MB

Lemon Twist
1280x720, 3.39 MB

Light Tracks
1280x720, 6.26 MB

Liquid Gold
1280x720, 5.95 MB

Pink Plasma
1280x720, 5.98 MB

Purple Highway
1280x720, 6.31 MB

Shimmering Sea
1280x720, 6.24 MB

1280x720, 5.99 MB

TV Static
1280x720, 14.4 MB

Water Surface
1280x720, 6.07 MB

1280x720, 6.07 MB

Blue Lava Lamp
1280x720, 5.97 MB

Through the Orb
1280x720, 5.82 MB